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Need of a Library

“Library is a medium for the current exchange of ideas, not just for finished collected wisdom to be set down imperishably for posterity. It is way of talking to one another - important talking, but tentative talking nonetheless. Eventually, when the excitement is largely gone and the subject all wrapped up, then for the most part it will appear in books that are treatises.” Library is a service institution. Library services are one of the most widely used and accepted in the modern world. Academic community particularly in a university utilizes library services for research and teaching purposes. Academic work is supported by library. Therefore, library is rightly regarded as the heart of an academic institution. College library is an integral part of collegiate education. It performs a central function in the educational process in a college. Library is characterized as an organisation that preserves books and other reading materials and makes them available to readers. Library personnel are one of the important ingredients and essential input in a college library. They hold a pivotal position in the matter of providing library service to the teachers and students and determine the effectiveness of the college library. College libraries are gaining importance day by day. High cost of books higher rate of expenses on education and vast amount of literature coming in the market changed the condition objectives and methods in higher education are a few factors which are making students more and more dependent upon the libraries. The purpose of education is essentially that of effecting desirable changes in individuals who in turn change different aspects of life of the society that is social, economic, political, technological or cultural in nature. Education directs and changes the people and enables them to change the society in the relevant ways so as to conquer its environment for the benefit of mankind. It is to bring out what is the best in a man, to develop his personality, to train him to be useful to the society so as to contribute to its culture, social and economic development, and to make him a better person to enable him to contribute in shaping the world.

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